Robotics nowadays has been developed in a way that hughes progresses were made on health, business and entertainment. But this technology is growing so fast that we can’t predict our situation in a few years. Some researchers say that humanity has a dark future in hands and we could be closer to the movie Matrix than we thought.

A recent discovery, claims that consciousness is possible to be generated with 500. 000 neurons sistem. According to this, we could say that octopus, a few types of birds and all the mammals are conscient of it's condicion. This step for neuroscience is important in direction to the artificial intelligence, because replicating a system with 500. 000 neurons is much simpler then a system of 1 bi of neurons, such as the human brain, what scientists thought to be the amount required for it.

The military sector is another big developer of new techs and most of the time they are the ones who get most of the financial support from the government. Today new planes can take decisions for it self. Something like Stealth? That’s another movie that show a plane taking decisions for itself.

However, the health services always took advantage of new techs. According to a recent article, a new robot suit that can carry elders, a bionic eye has been developed superating even the google glass and some robots are getting very realistic aspect and can even talk with you. Do you remember Sophia?

Of course those advances can help humankind to solve lots of problems, facilitate our jobs, improve our body, entertain ourselves. But we need to watch out when treating about artificial intelligence and modifications in the human body. Where will be the limit line? So far cientists didn’t respected the limit with transgenic food or experiments with clones. We still discussing laws about showing the transgenic icon on food labels, when it's already literally in every grocery shop. At first we cloned a sheep, Dolly, with the premiss that animals aren't scentient beings. The ethical debate was all on that. But with the technology in hands, a chinese cientist claimed to have been doing experiments in humans already. He was condemned by his peers. However, for how long it will be taken as wrong? And now, should we trust those cientist and enterprises with their robot experiments?

Will be terrible if we develope robot slaves, scient beings! Taking in count that all kind of slavery results on revolution. And we should ask ourselves, on which side a modified person or a cyborg would be in this scenary. Would us be creating a future segregation between humans and robots? Are we already slaves of technology? Do we live in a technocracy? I hope not, cuz hoping is the only thing that left for us to do.

Experimentos metafísicos por Erik Schnabel - Storyteller & Philosopher